Every forage merchant, contractor and farmer knows that moisture content is one of the most important variables and challenges during the production, storage, purchasing and sale of hay or straw. Moisture meters are a proven, efficient tool for checking the quality of hay and straw in order to increase the profit margin.

To produce the best quality hay and straw at a minimum cost, it is of crucial importance that baling is done at the right time. Adequate moisture content monitoring is key to ensure the product retains as much nutritional value and colour as possible. As you know, (excessive) moisture content can sometimes lead to overheating and mould.

Struijk is a family-owned contracting and trading business offering a complete range of Delmhorst moisture meters from the popular analogue meter to the newest digital models showing averages and – more importantly – the highest readings in a series of measurements.
All models are characterised by a functional housing with a handle. They are very easy to operate with just one hand. You can choose the meter that best meets your needs: meters range from simple to very advanced at prices to suit every budget.

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