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A Delmhorst hay moisture meter is the farmer’s best tool for maintaining the integrity of his hay and preserving its quality and value.

Field conditions can change rapidly. Hay can gain or lose percentage points of moisture within a few hours. This is why although it feels dry when checking, it may not be dry enough when baling takes place, thanks to the ever changing weather conditions during the day.

The production of high quality hay is vital for the dairy industry and will positively affect the revenue of the forage producer. It all starts with testing the moisture content of hay in the windrow. A necessity and the key to preserving a high quality hay.

Baled hay with too much moisture is at risk for degradation and even combustion. However, moisture levels that are too low can be equally destructive. 

The versatile Delmhorst moisture meters for hay can be used for moisture measuring in the windrow, during baling and after baling. Along with a sturdy hay probe, applicable for small and big hay bales, standard and high density bales, both square and round hay bales, a hay moisture meter is essential to prevent losses.

Below the Delmhorst moisture meters and testers for hay, the best tools to determine the moisture content in hay, straw and silage.

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